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Hello all! 

I've been super busy painting, cleaning, decorating and upgrading my new office space. 

My new location is in the back of the 'old paint shop,' as it's know, in Deale, Maryland.  Some call it the "Ebay Store."  My office is around the back of the left side of the building (looking at the building).  You will notice a path to the back walkway/ dock : -) 

The building is deep blue in color, and is currently being revitalized. 

Please be patient as we make several upgrades to the inside and outside of the building.  I have some exciting things coming to my little spot of serenity. 

In the front of the building you will notice a furniture store, Vintage By the Bay. In front of my office is the current 'Ebay Store', WW1steel continues to sell war memorabilia and antiquities.However, this space is being transformed into a co-working space.

We are all very excited about the revitalization!

Please know that I do not have a "formal" waiting room.  If you have accompanied your child to therapy, you are welcome to wait in the front room, sit at the patio or leave and come back to pick up your child.  

645 Deale Rd, Deale, MD 20751, USA410-541-6686 Share Via:

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