• Amanda Fincher

Tricare Certified Non-Network Provider


I am an authorized non-network, non-participating providers with TRICARE*. This means that I have been certified by TRICARE to provide services to their subscribers. I submit claims on your behalf, and I accept the fee that TRICARE allows, based on the terms of your benefits plan. You are not balance-billed for the difference between my usual fee, and the fee allowed by TRICARE. You are financially responsible for any co-payments/cost-shares, deductibles, and non-covered services.

Referrals and Authorizations: TRICARE East Region benefits are administered by Humana Miliary. Depending on your plan (Prime versus Select, active duty versus retired, etc.), you will need to take certain steps prior to your initial appointment to make full use of your benefits:

TRICARE Prime subscribers can self-refer for counseling and psychotherapy services, but need to get a referral from their Primary Care Manager (PCM) to a specific therapist prior to any testing service.

TRICARE Select allows subscribers to self-refer to a provider of their choosing without a referral from their PCM.

Active Duty military can request a referral from their PCM to receive services from any provider in my group.

* Please note: although I submit claims to TRICARE on your behalf, as non-participating providers I do not accept assignment of benefits. This means that payment is required at the time of service, and that TRICARE will send you the benefit check after they process the claims that I send to them.

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