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Teen Juuling

What to know about teen juuling

Teen juuling is also referred to as teen vaping. According to studies conducted, vaping among teens is said to have recently reached an all time high and this is only anticipated to increase further causing great concerns among parents all over the world.

What is teen juuling all about?

Firstly, it is necessary to understand that juuing and vaping mean the same. Juuls are considered to be a type of e-cigarette or vaporizer that has been discreetly designed such that it is not recognized by the majority to be an e-cig. Different vaporizers and Juul devices tend to heat up the cartridge which contains oil in them. A vapor gets created which is inhaled by the user.

The truth is that e-cigs were actually created with the objective to help smokers leave their smoking habits and to stop their consumption, if they desire. But these products are just not meant or found appropriate for the youth.

The vaporizers found in the market are very small, such that they can easily fit in your palm and can be charged quickly upon plugging onto the USB slot of your laptop. Students actually find it easy to take them along and claim it to be flash drives when in the classroom.

Why teen juuling is becoming commonly used?

Juul pods can be found in different exciting flavors like mango, cool cucumber and crème brulee, etc. Both adults and kids find them quite interesting and hence, it has become popular. But originally, they were designed to provide an alternative option to smokers helping them to quit smoking.

Why is teen juuling or vaping bad?

A good number of people can be found to use e-cigs such as juuls, since they are not created with tar including the cancer causing chemical elements, which normally can be found in all tobacco cigarette products. Studies conducted stated that teenagers addicted to e-cigs were found to have higher cancer causing chemical elements in their bodies when compared to non-smokers. Even though vapes are being marketed to be a much safer option when compared to regular cigarettes, they are definitely not risk-free and also, not a suitable or safe alternative. Although safer when compared to tobacco cigarette, medical experts agree that nicotine can cause major effects. When nicotine levels are concerned, one pod of juel has similar nicotine amount like the pack of cigarettes. Each Juul pod has around 200 ‘puffs’ and approximately 20 cigarettes within the pack, which actually means that nicotine amount in each puff will be significantly less when compared to nicotine present in one cigarette. It is for this reason, e-cigs are proved to be more helpful for the adult trying to cope up with quitting smoking. But children who still are not addicted to nicotine are not likely to benefit from vaping. Therefore, by comparing e-cigs with that of traditional ones, the former is only being compared to the market’s most deadly consumer product available.

Hence, the fact needs to be understood that teenagers and children will only be harmed by vaping. Its exposure during the lung growing periods will only cause more harm to it than those with fully developed lungs.

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