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Pandemic life

Wow! Just Wow!

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? If you haven't- talk to someone who has.

I have.

It's profound.

You see it on TV and you think, "Wow, Just Wow!."

The first time I traveled to see the Grand Canyon, I was extremely excited. I couldn't wait to see this amazing piece of earth in real life, not on TV.

When you arrive your body starts to tingle with excitement and expectations of being overwhelmed with aw. You anticipate being amazed and overwhelmed.

And you arrive ...

and you walk to the rim;

walking, waiting, anticipating....excited!

You arrive and you see! You see the expansive geological structure? creation? rocks? What is is called?

You look! You look and you see.... The Grand Canyon!!!!!!.......


but you don't see it!

You can't see it. Your brain is incapable of processing this image coming through your eyeballs and transferring to your brain.

Your brain has nothing to compare it to and is unable to



compute what it is seeing.

It is very strange and underwhelming.

................Don't get me wrong ...

it's amazing!

This is the same feeling I have today

with the Coronavirus,

the COVID-19,

the Pandemic of our lifetime.

My brain is unable to compute. My brain can NOT grasp the reality

of what is happening each day,

in front of me,

my family,

my community,

my county,

my state,



What the hell???

It is difficult to comprehend to understand.

But, in all its glory and destruction, I am in awe.

Like the Grand Canyon, I see

the beauty,

the mystery,

the entrenchment

of our pandemic.

It is a mystery that pulls me in, like a great fiction novel. It is history unraveling in real time.

I am




and in awe!

How do you feel about the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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