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If you give a mom a teenager...

parenting teens

4 parenting tips to raise teenagers

Small children are likely to listen to what their parents have to say, without much fuss or creating hassle (um, well,... maybe not in my house.) But as they grow to become teens, they tend to develop the habit of rebelling and feel that their rights are being taken away. It is for this reason, many teens are found to become violent or tend to develop the habit to not listen to their parents.

parenting teens

Tips on parenting teens

As a parent of a teenager son or daughter, you probably may be facing such circumstances. The fact is that every stage of life does come with some kind of problem. Teenage or adolescence is actually a developmental stage, where the hormones tend to change very rapidly. With some tips from the industry experts, you can feel that parenting teens no more is an ordeal, but a real delight, paving way for healthier parent-child relationship.


Treat your son/daughter as a friend (or not): Since the child is growing rapidly at this particular stage and witnessing changes in hormones, it is necessary to understand their needs and problems faced. It is necessary to understand that the world that children have seen in their young age, seems to have changed tremendously and all of a sudden. People now are interestingly differentiated as males and females, which is indeed huge change. It is definitely difficult to be in terms with this drastic change, which requires proper and timely guidance. You need to be a good a parent and role model (not exactly a friend), but avoid yelling and lecturing- that never works with parenting teens, in order to teach your teen, so that they can safeguard themselves and their rights.

· Make them take responsibility: One essential tip on parenting teens is to make yourself available, when in need.

Rather than restricting them, help them to expand themselves. Restricting them will only create more problems. When giving consequences, consider extra chores around your home.

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Avoid ‘owning’ them (this is hard for me, I mean, they DID come out of MY body! Simply include them:

It is a wrong notion that your child is your asset as they will only revolt as they become a teenager. It is necessary to cherish that another life has chosen you to live with (I think I was the one who chose them, right??).

This fact should rather be valued upon and respected. You do not actually own any one, but need to include them. counseling for teen girls

Avoid eulogizing helplessness: (Make their asses go out and work and don't buy everything for them!)

It is quite natural for many parents to face distress when raising their child. Unfortunately, childhood and infancy is mostly eulogized. The child, when small is helpless and vulnerable. They do look up to their parents for everything. If childhood is eulogized, then you are likely to remain helpless forever. There are some parents who do not simply like to see their teenager stand on their own two feet. ( Let your child fail!)

Therefore, following the tips on parenting teens can help you to be a good parent and raise your teen the way you want to. (I know, it sucks!)

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